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Help Options for MacBook’s Mavericks

By Mark L. Chambers

You can call on these resources if you need additional help while you’re discovering how to tame Mavericks on your MacBook. Some of the help resources are located on the Internet, so your Safari web browser will come in handy when you search for answers.

The Mavericks built-in Help system

Sometimes the help you need is as close as the Help menu on the Finder menu bar. You can get help for either of the following:

  • A specific application: From the application, just click Help. Then click in the Search box and type a short phrase that sums up your query (such as startup keys). You see a list of help topics on the menu. Just click a topic to display more information.

  • General topics: Click a Finder window, and then click Help on the menu bar. Again, you see the Search box, and you can enter a word or phrase to find in the Help system. To display the Help Center window, click the Help Center item under the Search box.

The Apple web-based support center

Apple has online product support areas for every hardware and software product it manufactures. Visit Apple’s website and click the Support tab at the top of the web page.

The Search box works just like the OS X Help system, but the knowledge base that Apple provides online has a lot more answers.


Many magazines and publications (both in print and online) offer tips and tricks on using and maintaining OS X Mavericks.

A great online resource is Macworld.

Mac support websites

A number of private individuals and groups offer support forums on the web. You can often get help from other Mac owners on these sites within a few hours of posting a question.

Check out CNET’s MacFixIt and Mac OS X Hints.

Local Mac user groups

A discussion of help with MacBook’s wouldn’t be complete with a mention of your local Mac user group. Often, a user group maintains its own website and discussion forum. If you can wait until the next meeting, you can even ask your question and receive a reply from a real live human being. This is quite a thrill in today’s web-centric world!