Edit Pages Created with iWeb - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

If you have your site framework complete with iWeb, you can actually put your site on the Internet as is! Of course, the photos would all be of good-looking strangers, and most of the text would read like Pig Latin nonsense. You want to personalize your pages with your own information. To begin editing a page, click it in the Site Organizer.

How to modify text on your iWeb pages

First, update the text with your own information by following these steps:

  1. Click the text you want to replace.

    As do most desktop publishing applications, iWeb uses boxes to enclose text. When you click the text, the box appears, with handles that you can drag to resize the box.

  2. Begin typing your text.

    iWeb replaces the existing template text with the text you type, using the text formatting taken from the template. Don’t forget that you can paste text from the Clipboard by pressing Command+V. To match the text style of the template, though, press Option+Shift+Command+V.

    Mistakes are passé in iWeb. To undo your last action, you can always press the familiar Command+Z keyboard shortcut or choose Edit→Undo.

  3. Highlight and format your new text as necessary.

    To make changes easier, click the Inspector button in the iWeb toolbar. The window shown allows you to change text color, alignment, and spacing with aplomb. You can click the Colors or Fonts buttons on the iWeb toolbar to display a Color Picker or Font Panel for the selected text.


  4. Click outside the text box after you’re satisfied with the text.

Because you’re likely modifying everything on the template pages from the title to the last box on the page, repeat Steps 1–4 for each section of text you want to change.

How to replace images on your iWeb pages

If your page includes photographs that you want to change, follow these steps:

  1. Click the image you want to replace.

    As it does with a block of text, iWeb displays a box around the image, complete with resizing handles.

  2. Drag an image to the image box from a Finder window.

    Alternatively, you can click the Show Media button in the toolbar, which displays the Media Browser. From this window, you can click the Photos tab to choose an image from your iPhoto library.


    You can hide the Media Browser to make more room for your page layout. Just click the Hide Media button in the toolbar.

  3. Adjust your new image if necessary.

    Click the Adjust button, and iWeb displays a cool, semi-opaque dialog that allows you to tweak image settings, such as tint, brightness, and sharpness. Click Enhance to allow iWeb to choose the settings it considers best for the image or click Reset Image to restore the photo to its original appearance. When you’re satisfied with the image, click the Close button on the dialog to return to the image box.


  4. Click outside the image box (usually the page background) after you’re satisfied with the photo.

Again, lather/rinse/repeat for each image you want to change on your page.