DVD Player Controller Extras - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

To use the additional controller features in DVD Player on your MacBook, double-click the small tab at the rightmost (or bottom) edge of the DVD Player Controller. After you do, a trick drawer slides out, displaying the extra controls. You can also display or hide the drawer with the Controls→Open/Close Control Drawer menu command or by pressing Command+] (that’s the right bracket key).


Are you interested in fine-tuning the audio from your DVD movies? If so, choose Window→Audio Equalizer, and DVD Player displays a ten-band equalizer. To turn the equalizer on, click the On check box to select it. Click the pop-up menu at the upper right of the Equalizer window, and you can choose a preset (such as Bass Boost or Vocal Boost), or even create your own custom audio presets.

Additional Controller Features
Control What It Does
Slow Motion (half speed) Plays a DVD in slow motion at half the original speed
Step Button (frame speed) Steps through a DVD in ultra-slow motion, one frame at a
Return Navigates to the previous menu
Subtitle/Closed Captioning Displays alternate subtitles and closed captioning on the
Audio Plays alternate audio tracks on the DVD
Angle Displays the current video footage from different camera

Although you won’t find a Bookmark button on the controller, DVD Player can set them nonetheless. A bookmark is a spot, such as a favorite scene, that you specify in a movie so that you can return to it at any time.

To set a bookmark at the current spot in the movie, click the Controls menu and choose New Bookmark, or press Command+= (the equal sign key). DVD Player even allows you to name the bookmark so that it’s easier to remember.

To return to a bookmark, choose Go→Bookmarks and click the desired bookmark. (If you’re enjoying your movie in Full-Screen mode, move your cursor to the top of the screen to use the Bookmarks strip.)