Connect to the Internet from Your MacBook - dummies

Connect to the Internet from Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

What is a modern computer without the Internet? Apple gives you great tools with your MacBook to take full advantage of every road sign and off-ramp on the Information Superhighway right out of the box:

  • Web surfing: Lion’s Apple Safari Web browser is faster and better designed than Internet Explorer, with features such as tabbed browsing and built-in RSS feeds.

  • Web searches: Dashboard widgets can search the entire Internet for stocks, movie listings, airline schedules, dictionaries, and foreign language translations.

  • Chat: iChat lets you use your MacBook to chat with other computer owners around the world for free using the Internet — by keyboard, voice, or full-color video. If you’ve never seen a video chat, you’ll be surprised by just how good your friends and family look!

    Always wear a shirt when videoconferencing. Always.

  • E-mail: Soldier, Apple’s got you covered. The Mail application is a full-featured e-mail system, complete with defenses against the torrent of junk mail awaiting you. (Imagine a hungry digital saber-toothed tiger with an appetite for spam.) Send pictures and attached files to everyone on the planet, and look doggone good doing it.