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Choose the Right DVD Menu Theme on iDVD

By Mark L. Chambers

The first step to take when manually designing a new DVD Menu system is to add a theme. In the iDVD world, a theme is a preset package that helps determine the appearance and visual appeal of your DVD Menu, including a background image, Menu animation, an audio track, and a group of settings for text fonts and button styles.

iDVD helps those of us who are graphically challenged by including a wide range of professionally designed themes for all sorts of occasions, ranging from old standbys such as weddings, birthdays, and vacations to more generic themes with the accent on action, friendship, and technology. To view the included themes, click the Themes button in the lower-right corner of the iDVD window.


To choose a theme for your project — or to see what a theme looks like on your Menu — click any thumbnail and watch iDVD update the Menu display.

If you decide while creating your DVD Menu that you need a different theme, you can change themes at any time. iDVD won’t lose a single button or video clip that you add to your DVD Menu. You’ll be amazed at how the look and sound of your DVD Menu completely change with just the click of a theme thumbnail.