Automatic Composition with Magic GarageBand on Your MacBook - dummies

Automatic Composition with Magic GarageBand on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

The Magic GarageBand automation feature provides a wide range of nine different genres of music to choose from — everything from blues to reggae to funk and rock. In a hurry? Too rushed to snag loops and tweak effects? Never fear, GarageBand ’11 can even compose a song automatically!

To create a song automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Close all GarageBand windows.

    If you’re currently working on a song, GarageBand will prompt you to save it before closing the window.

  2. Click the Magic GarageBand button in the New Project dialog.

  3. Click the desired genre button and click Choose.

    Hover your cursor over a genre button to get a preview of the song for that genre.

  4. To hear the entire song with the default instruments, click Entire Song and press the Play button.

    Alternatively, to hear a short sample of the song, click Snippet and press the Play button.

    You see each instrument on stage. To choose a different musical style for an instrument (or a variation of the instrument), click it and then select the desired sound from the menu below the stage.

    Click the My Instrument pop-up menu at the lower-left corner of the window to add your own voice or instrumental using your MacBook’s keyboard, a microphone or MIDI instrument.


  5. When the song fits like a glove, click Open in GarageBand to open the song as a project in GarageBand.

Now you can edit and tweak the song to your heart’s delight as you can any other GarageBand project, adding other software or real instrument tracks as necessary.