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Automate Creation with OneStep DVD in iDVD

By Mark L. Chambers

If you’re in a hurry to create a DVD from clips on your DV camcorder and you don’t mind losing your creative input, OneStep DVD from iDVD is just the ticket.

In short, iDVD allows you to plug in your FireWire-equipped mini-DV camcorder, answer a question or two, and then sit back while the application does all the work. iDVD imports the DV clips, creates a basic Menu design, and burns the disc automatically! (Again, note that OneStep DVD doesn’t support USB camcorders.)

Using OneStep DVD will appeal to any laptop owner with a SuperDrive. Why not produce a DVD right after a wedding or birthday that you can give as a gift? Photographers who cover those same special events might consider selling a DVD made with OneStep DVD.

If you happen to capture something incredibly unique — such as a UFO landing or an honest politician — you can use OneStep DVD to create an instant backup of the clips on your DV camcorder. You could even keep your friends and family up-to-date with the progress of your vacation by sending them a daily DVD of your exploits! (You gotta admit, even Grandma would consider that eminently sassy!)

Follow these steps to start the OneStep DVD process:

  1. Click the OneStep DVD button on the iDVD top-level menu.

    Alternatively, choose File→OneStep DVD.

    iDVD displays the following dialog.


    If you want to use OneStep DVD with an existing movie on your MacBook’s hard drive, choose File→OneStep DVD from Movie instead. iDVD prompts you for the video file to use.

  2. Following the prompts, connect the FireWire cable from your DV camcorder; then turn on the camcorder and set it to VCR mode.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Load a blank DVD.