Arrange Photos by Events with iPhone on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

Events are essentially a group of images that you shot or downloaded to your MacBook at the same time — iPhoto figures that those images belong together (which is usually a pretty safe assumption).

An Event can be renamed, just as an album can — you just use a different procedure. Click the Events entry under the Library heading in the Source list to display your Events in the Viewer; click the existing Event name in the caption underneath the thumbnail. A text box appears in which you can type a new name; click Return to update the Event.

Although a photo can appear in multiple albums, it can appear in only one Event.

Try moving your cursor over an Event thumbnail in the Viewer and you’ll see that iPhoto displays the date range when the images were taken, as well as the total number of images in the Event. Ah, but things get really cool when you move your cursor back and forth over an Event with many images: The thumbnail animates and displays all the images in the Event!


To display the contents of an Event in the Viewer, just double-click the Event thumbnail. To return to the Events thumbnails, click the All Events button at the top of the Viewer.

Decided to merge those Prom Event pictures with your daughter’s Graduation Event? No problem! You could drag one Event thumbnail on top of another, but that’s the easy way. Alternatively, click the Events entry under the Library heading in the Source list to display your Events and then hold down Command while you click the Events that you want to merge.

Heck, if the Events you want to merge are selected, right-click one of them and choose Merge Events from the menu that appears. Click Merge in the confirmation dialog that appears.

Whilst organizing, you can create a brand-new empty Event by clicking Events→Create Event. Feel free to drag photos from albums, other Events, or your Photo library into your new Event.