Are You Ready for a MacBook? - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

It’s time to make the decision on which system you should buy. If you answer “yes” to each of these three questions, a MacBook should be in your future!

  • Is mobility important? If you need your computing on the go (or you’d like the freedom to be able to move from place to place), jump to the MacBook side of the fence. (Don’t forget that mobility comes with reduced dimensions — think “smaller keyboard and smaller speakers” — compared to a full-size desktop Mac.)

  • Is a laptop in your price range? You’ll pay considerably more for a MacBook (as well as for repairs later, if you should need them). If you can afford the higher price point, you’ve cleared another hurdle.

  • Are you comfortable with the upgrade limitations of a laptop? If your MacBook will probably run your applications acceptably for at least four years (or more), hardware upgrades are likely to be less of a concern, and you can buy a MacBook with confidence.

If you’ve chosen the Way of the Laptop, you also have to select the MacBook model that’s right for you.