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Add Slideshows to Your iDVD Projects on Your MacBook

By Mark L. Chambers

Many MacBook owners don’t realize that iDVD can use not only video clips but also digital images as content. In fact, you can add a group of images to your DVD Menu by using Slideshow buttons, which allow the viewer to play back a series of digital photographs. iDVD handles everything for you, so there’s no tricky timing to figure out or weird scripts to write.

Just click the Add button at the bottom of the iDVD window and choose Add Slideshow. iDVD places a Slideshow button on your DVD Menu.

After the Slideshow button is on tap, add the content — in this case, by choosing the images that iDVD adds to your DVD Menu. Follow these steps to select your slideshow images:

  1. Double-click the Slideshow Menu button — the one you just added to the Menu — to open the Slideshow display.


  2. Click the Media button (bottom right of the screen).

  3. Click the Photos tab (top right of the screen) to display your iPhoto library and photo albums.

  4. Drag your favorite image thumbnails from the Photos list and drop them into the My Slideshow window.

    You can also drag images straight from a Finder window or the iPhoto window itself. (Those Apple folks are sooooo predictable.)

  5. Drag around the photos in the My Slideshow window to set their order of appearance in your slideshow.

  6. To add audio to these pictures, drag your favorite audio file from the Finder and drop it in the Audio well in the My Slideshow window.

    The Audio well is the box bearing the speaker icon, next to the volume control below the My Slideshow window.

    Alternatively, click the Audio tab to select an audio track from your iTunes library, iTunes playlists, or GarageBand creations.

  7. Click the Return button to return to your DVD Menu.

If you’re using a Menu with animated buttons that display an image (rather than text buttons), you can choose which image you want to appear on the Slideshow button. Click the Slideshow button that you added and see the slider that appears above the Slideshow button.

Drag this slider to scroll through the images you added. When you find the image that you want to use for the Slideshow button in the DVD Menu, click the Slideshow button again to save your changes.