How to Turn Off the iCloud Keychain Feature on Your iMac - dummies

How to Turn Off the iCloud Keychain Feature on Your iMac

By Mark L. Chambers

You may not be the biggest fan of keychains, which El Capitan uses to automatically provide all sorts of login information throughout the iMac system. In Safari, for example, the password information is automatically entered for you whenever a website you’ve approved requires you to log in.

To be more specific, many users will likely adopt iCloud Keychain, which stores password and credit card information for Safari and wirelessly distributes that information automatically to other Macs and iOS devices using the same Apple ID. (Apple even says that the passwords generated by iCloud Keychain are more complex and harder to crack, which sounds more secure, right?)

The time may come when you’d like to turn off this feature Why? Whenever you’re logged in, anyone using your iMac gets control of your online persona (in the form of your passwords to secure websites). Safari, like an obedient puppy, automatically provides access to sites with stored keychain passwords.

If you’d like to take the far-less-convenient-but-much-safer, old-fashioned route of remembering your passwords yourself, follow this advice: Visit the iCloud pane in System Preferences, and deselect the Keychain check box to turn the iCloud Keychain feature off.

Now that you’ve been warned thoroughly, the Passwords tab in Safari Preferences is worth mentioning for those who do decide to use iCloud Keychain. From the Passwords tab, you can view the iCloud Keychain information that Safari uses and remove a specific password (or all passwords) from your iCloud Keychain.