Recommended Maintenance Schedule for Your iMac - dummies

Recommended Maintenance Schedule for Your iMac

By Mark L. Chambers

Part of iMac For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Following a recommended maintenance schedule for your iMac will help you avoid problems and keep your computer running smoothly. Use this iMac maintenance guide as a handy reminder.

Task Schedule
Check for updates within System Preferences Automatic setting (Software Update pane in System Preferences)
Back up with Time Machine Automatic
Defragment (using Prosoft Engineering Drive Genius 5) Once a month
Delete unnecessary user accounts As necessary (Users & Groups pane in System
Scan for viruses (using VirusBarrier Scanner from Intego) Automatic
Check all volumes for errors (using Disk Utility) Once a week
Check for the latest drivers for your external hardware Once a month (or after adding new hardware)
Delete temporary Internet cache files and old system logs (using the Mojave Manage Storage feature) Once a week