How to Fix Match Problems with the Faces Feature on Your Mac - dummies

How to Fix Match Problems with the Faces Feature on Your Mac

By Edward C. Baig

As wonderful as this Mac feature is, Faces sometimes misjudges who’s in your photos. Here a few common mistakes you may come to, um … recognize:

  • The photo bomber: Photos sometimes shows a face of someone who’s in the background of a crowded scene, such as a picnic or a ballgame.
  • The 2D celebrity: Photos can mistake the face of a picture within a picture for a real person if, for example, someone you know is posing in front of a movie poster.
  • The dark, sideways glance: Perhaps the image is poorly lit or blurry. Maybe the angle is off or the mug shot is too small.
  • The hipster turned preppy: Maybe you had a beard and glasses in one picture and were clean-shaven and wearing contact lenses in another.
  • The time machine: Maybe you have a picture of your kid when she was 2 years old, but now, a few years later, she looks completely different.

If you’re concerned that Photos may mismatch other names, you can remove a name from a face. How?

Double-click a snapshot, click the wrong name, and type the correct name. Sometimes Photos will ask you who the person is, as in “Is This Edward Baig?” Click the check mark to indicate that it is moi or the x to say “nope.”

You can also remove a person from the Faces album. Merely click a face and press Delete on the keyboard. Click Undo Ignore This Face in the Edit menu (or press ⌘+Z) You can also hide Face names, by selecting the Hide Face Names option in the View menu.