How to Apply Special Effects with Photo Booth on Your Mac - dummies

How to Apply Special Effects with Photo Booth on Your Mac

By Edward C. Baig

Once you have captured your image with Photo Booth, your Mac gives you other fun options. Now the real fun begins. You can summon your inner mad scientist and apply a series of warping effects. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Effects button.
    A Brady Bunch–like grid appears, with each square revealing a different effect, some silly and some creepy.
    Applying effects in Photo Booth
    How goofy (or creepy) can you get? Applying effects in Photo Booth.
  2. Click a square to preview the potential effect in a much larger window.
    Or, if you don’t like this set of effects, click the arrows on the screen to display a new set. You can make it look as though the picture was taken with a thermal camera or an X-ray, or drawn with a colored pencil. You can turn the image into pop art worthy of Warhol or make it glow radioactively. You can apply a chipmunk effect or a love-struck image in which red hearts float around your head. And you can place yourself in a mirror image reminiscent of the Doublemint Twins from the old gum commercials.

    When you click some effects (such as bulge, squeeze, or twirl), you see a slider that you can drag with the mouse to tweak the level of distortion.

  3. Now you can proceed by doing one of the following:
    • To choose the previewed effect, click the Camera button to snap the picture.

    • To see another effect in this set, click the Effects button again and make your selection. Once more, click the Camera button when you’re ready to capture the image.

    • To revert to the normal view, click Effects and then the middle of this tic-tac-toe grid. Again, click Camera when you’re ready.