How to Work with a Touchscreen on Your New Computer - dummies

How to Work with a Touchscreen on Your New Computer

By Nancy C. Muir

Windows 10 is designed to work with a touchscreen computer, though not all computers include a touchscreen feature. If you do own a touchscreen computer or tablet device, placing and moving your finger on the screen replaces the movement of a mouse.

You can tap the screen to select something, to activate features with buttons, and to make a field active so you can enter content. Windows 10 also offers an onscreen keyboard that touchscreen users can work with to enter text with the tap of a finger.

You can also use your finger to swipe to the right, left, up, or down to move from one item to another (for example, from one web page to another, one page to another in an e-reader, or from one photo to the next in the Photos app) or to move up or down on a page.

Windows 10 also offers some gestures you can make with your fingers, such as moving your fingers apart and then pinching them together to minimize elements on your screen, or swiping down from the top of the screen to close an app. If you do own a touchscreen and want to learn more, visit the Use Touch with Windows in the Get Started app (Start→Get Started→Menu→Continuum and Touch→Use Touch with Windows).