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Ten Links to Online Arduino Learning Resources

By Brock Craft

If you are interested in learning about Arduino projects, there are loads of things you can discover through some online resources. Check out the following links, which are some favorite online resources for learning about Arduino and electronics in general:

  • Adafruit Learning System: Adafruit Industries’ learning zone is probably one of the best online resources for learning about Arduino and checking out some cool projects. Don’t miss it.

  • All About Circuits: These online textbooks written by Tony R. Kuphaldt will help you to learn everything you need to know about electronics and circuit design.

  • The Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University: If you are interested in Arduino, you’ll want to know more about Physical Computing, which is about making things interactive. It’s taught at NYU and led by Tom Igoe, one of the Arduino core team members.

  • Tronixstuff: John Boxall’s website is a great resource for learning about Arduino. He has dozens of different Arduino projects and demos on his site. Don’t miss it!

  • Collin Cunningham’s Make Videos on YouTube: Collin Cunningham made some great videos for Make Magazine, which are all available on YouTube. His primer on Electronics Tools is a great. From there you find many of his other great videos.

  • 10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino by Rugged Circuits

  • Mike’s Electric Stuff: Mike’s site is not dedicated to Arduino stuff, but if you are at all interested in tesla coils, antique electronics, and anything with high voltages, his site is definitely worth checking out.

  • EvilMadScience.com: A great online shop offering Arduino kits and more amazing electronic stuff.

  • Wearable Technology at Kobakant: The Kobakant website has a great section on making interactive stuff with soft circuits. Their site has a great treasure trove of wearable kits and project to choose from. Why not wear your Arduino wherever you go?

  • Arduino projects at Lifehacker.com: LifeHacker has an amazing range of cool weekend projects from Arduino controlled window blinds to an MP3 jukebox.