How to Tackle Waste with Lean Six Sigma - dummies

How to Tackle Waste with Lean Six Sigma

By John Morgan, Martin Brenig-Jones

Part of Lean Six Sigma For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can improve process flow in a number of ways using Lean Six Sigma, including by reducing waste. The seven categories of waste are sometimes identified by the acronym Tim Wood:

  • Transportation: Moving materials and output unnecessarily.

  • Inventory: Overproduction resulting in too much work in progress or stock.

  • Motion: Inappropriate siting of teams or equipment.

  • Waiting: Equipment failure, for example, which causes delays.

  • Overprocessing: Performing unnecessary processing steps.

  • Overproduction: Producing more stock or producing it earlier than needed.

  • Defects: Dealing with rework.