PMP Certification: Executing Knowledge and Skills - dummies

PMP Certification: Executing Knowledge and Skills

By Cynthia Snyder Stackpole

The Executing the Project domain is one of five performance domains covered on the PMP (project management professional) certification exam. Of the 200 questions on the PMP exam, the Executing the Project domain accounts for 30%. Six tasks are associated with this domain, as well as 13 knowledge and skill topics.

The 6 tasks associated with Executing the Project appear in the following table:

Task 1 Obtain and manage project resources, including outsourced
deliverables by following the procurement plan, in order to ensure
successful project execution.
Task 2 Execute the tasks as defined in the project plan, in order to
achieve the project deliverables within budget and schedule.
Task 3 Implement the quality management plan using the appropriate
tools and techniques, in order to ensure that work is being
performed according to required quality standards.
Task 4 Implement approved changes according to the change management
plan, in order to meet project requirements.
Task 5 Implement approved actions and follow the risk management plan
and risk register, in order to minimize the effect of negative risk
events on the project.
Task 6 Maximize team performance through leading, mentoring, training,
and motivating team members.

The six knowledge and skills topics are

  • Knowledge and skills in monitoring tools and techniques

  • Knowledge of the elements of a statement of work (SOW)

  • Knowledge of the interaction of work breakdown structure (WBS) elements within the project schedule

  • Skills using project-budgeting tools and techniques

  • Knowledge of quality standard tools

  • Knowledge of continuous improvement processes