Implementing Quality Control Standards: How to Overcome Organizational Reluctance

By Larry Webber, Michael Wallace

Part of Quality Control For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Many people in the organization will see the introduction of a quality control process as an unwelcome change. Overcoming reluctance to a new quality control process calls for clear and consistent communication, and a constant eye on the “big picture.” Here are some tips on how to rally the support of the willing, ease the fears of the reluctant, and overcome the obstacles put up by the unwilling.

  • Monitor and manage the risks as your project progresses.

  • Believe in your goal, and focus on the benefits that quality will bring to your organization.

  • Don’t go it alone; find support from the quality sponsor or other experts in your organization.

  • Remain rational when you face challenges.

  • Keep everything in perspective.

  • Break down any obstacles into manageable pieces.