How to Obtain ISO Certification to Demonstrate Quality Control Standards

By Larry Webber, Michael Wallace

Part of Quality Control For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Meeting ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quality standards ensures customers that you’ll provide quality product. ISO standards are the most recognized quality standards — after all, the organization’s members consist of the national standards organizations of 150 countries. Follow these ISO quality standards, which provide a common language for companies to trade across the globe:

  1. Get commitment from top management to ensure success.

  2. Train all employees on the basics of quality.

  3. Prepare your quality policy manual.

  4. Document operating procedures.

  5. Perform an internal audit.

  6. Select an ISO certification agency to use.

  7. Have the certification agency perform the audit.

  8. If you pass the audit, congratulations!

  9. If you don’t pass the audit, take necessary corrective action and repeat the audit.