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How Agile Management Methods Make Projects Work Better

By Mark C. Layton

Agile project management methodologies help you produce successful projects. Recent widespread adoption of agile development methods has seen the dramatic reduction of project failure rates. Key areas in which agile approaches are superior to traditional project management methods include:

  • Project success rates: The risk of catastrophic project failure falls to almost nothing on agile projects. Agile approaches of prioritizing by business value and risk ensures early success or failure. Agile approaches to testing throughout the project help ensure that you find problems early, instead of after spending a large amount of time and money.

  • Scope creep: Agile approaches accommodate changes throughout a project, minimizing scope creep. On agile projects, you can add new requirements at the beginning of each sprint without disrupting development flow. By fully developing prioritized features first, you prevent scope creep from threatening critical functionality.

  • Inspecting and adaptation: Regular inspections and consequent adaptations help agile project teams improve their processes and their products with each sprint armed with information from complete development cycles and actual product.