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Medical Billing and Coding Employment at a Billing or Practice Management Company

One option for employment as a medical biller or coder is to work for a practice management or billing company. These companies provide various levels of administrative support, with some handling all of a provider’s practice administrative duties (even though having someone on site who understands insurance is still important for every provider office).

Billing and practice management companies come in all sizes and specialties. The larger companies handle numerous clients and usually have a team of people working on one or two of the accounts. In addition, if the company provides practice management — including coding and billing for a physician or group — the work is the same as if the provider were handling this aspect of the practice in-house.

Work at a billing or practice management company may be a good bet for the novice coder or biller because it’s a great way to learn the ropes under the tutelage of a more seasoned professional. It also provides an outlet for giving and receiving feedback and working through some of the stickier details with a co-worker.

In this work environment, you wouldn’t be flying solo! As a general rule, bigger companies usually have more structure with regard to how they do things, and they provide the best on-the-job training.

Just as with hospitals, you can find your own niche in practice management companies, too. Some practice management companies within larger organizations, for example, specialize in certain areas, such as anesthesia or radiological practices.

Working for one of these companies enables you to focus on and gain expertise in those specialties. With anesthesia, for example, you would need to know all surgical and procedural codes, and radiology overlaps with cardiology because of the non-invasive cardiac procedures that are now common.

Many billing companies are contractually obligated to their clients to employ only certified medical coders to perform the coding. Billers may often be trained on the job, but having knowledge prior to employment gives you an advantage as a job seeker.