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Freelancing or Temping as a Medical Biller and Coder

By Karen Smiley

A well‐seasoned medical coder may carve out a reputation that enables him to work on his own in a freelance or consultant capacity. As a freelancer, you may be hired by companies for particular projects or by individual providers who need temporary help.

As a consultant, you may assist the provider with hiring support staff and training the new staff in areas of claim billing and submission. In either case — when the project is finished or after the office is up and running — your work is done.

As a freelance or consultant coder, you find your own employment and contract for the specified duties to be performed. Freelancing is an option only for the expert coder who is fully capable of working independently.

Temporary work is another avenue sometimes taken by the experienced professional. Administrative staffing companies employ individuals for short‐ and long‐term assignments. You register with the agency and go to the assignments offered to you. Sometimes offices need help replacing an employee on medical or disability leave.

Although choosing this option may allow you to gain perspective on what type of work best suits you, often the employers are quite specific about the type of temporary help they need and usually require someone with some experience.

If you’re new to billing and coding, freelancing, consultant coding, and temping are not good options for you.