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When Your Current Job Conflicts with an Interview Date

If you’re working while seeking job interviews, you may find yourself in a situation where your job conflicts with an interview date at another company. Your current job is hectic, which is one reason you want to make a getaway to another job.

Here’s the dilemma: A recruiter contacts you with an interesting interview request to meet with a hiring manager. The problem is the manager wants to meet with you during a busy work day.

If you have no vacation or other leave time available and you’ve replaced every tooth in your mouth, your best option is to frame your proposal for a night or weekend meeting in terms of your honorable work ethic. Here’s an example:

I am excited about meeting with Harry Lucas but, in good conscience, I can’t cheat my current company and take a work day off to do so right now. My management is counting on me to complete a company-wide inventory all next week. When I sent you my resume as a candidate for your open technical service position, I knew that I am probably a close match for the job. Your position requires A, B, and C. And, as you noted on my resume, I have a dozen highly productive years’ experience in A, B, and C. Can we possibly set up an early evening meeting, say Tuesday or Wednesday?

Should an emergency arise at your present job requiring you to change an interview time, use the same approach — you’re a conscientious employee and never let your team down.

Just remember: Rescheduling an interview once is risky; twice is fatal.