Why Webinars Work - dummies

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Webinars are a win-win arrangement for both the presenter and participants. Everybody gets something out of it, with the participants being pretty darn comfortable in the process. That’s because webinars offer a pleasing blend of technology and convenience.

Besides reaching a broad audience, the webinar can allow each participant to have a voice in the meeting or session. That kind of participation rarely works in a conference room, and almost never does in a large space.

For example, some people are shy when it comes to speaking in conference room, just as others hog the floor with questions and comments. And when the meeting is in a larger space like a banquet hall, few people, with the exception of those seated in the front, get picked to ask a question, so most people get lost in the crowd.

Webinars also make life easier for the producer. Instead of having the added responsibility of securing an appropriately sized venue and all the things that go with it, you can concentrate on getting your message together and allow the service provider to worry about the rest.

Here are some others reasons that webinars work, including

  • They’re affordable. Travel costs, car rentals, and meals are greatly reduced or non-existent.

  • Location is irrelevant. Participants can log on from just about anywhere. Of course, if you’re with a Sherpa heading up Everest, perhaps this doesn’t apply to you.

  • They’re time zone-proof. Anyone who wants to can join the webinar although for some, it’s morning, others afternoon, and for those on the eastern fringe, tomorrow.

  • They provide flexibility. An impromptu meeting takes time to come together because you have to consider location and people’s schedules. But with a webinar, companies can schedule meetings or training sessions on short notice without worrying about the location of the participants.

And participants reap the benefits too:

  • Webinars are interactive. They provide real-time interaction between participants and presenter.

  • Participants can watch on-demand. Participants can watch an archived version of the webinar if they missed it, or if they simply want to watch it again.

  • They’re cost-effective. You can save money on travel, food, and other stuff that the company doesn’t cover