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What to Do as Soon as Your Webinar Ends

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

It’s important to reach out to your attendees after the webinar to build a relationship with them. Not every person who attends your webinar is a seasoned veteran. For many, it’s the first time they have ever interacted with your company. They sat through your thought leadership presentation so they have some idea of what you are talking about, but they may not really know what you do.

After you’ve hopefully provided the webinar participant with sound and actionable advice and have pushed out the exit survey, you can disconnect from the console. The fun is not over, however. In fact, the next phase of extending the conversation is just beginning.

You can reach out to registrants by doing the following:

  • Send a thank-you e-mail: Let your webinar attendees know you appreciated their attendance and provide them with your contact information in case they have any follow-up questions or need more information on your product or service. You should send them a link to the on-demand version, too.

  • Reach out to those who missed your presentation: Send them a different type of thank-you note, one that says something on the order of “Sorry we missed you.” Include a link to the on-demand webcast so they can watch it at their leisure and provide your contact information.

  • Invite them to gather more information: Contact information only goes so far because the attendee may not know what else they want from you. Besides sending the on-demand link, suggest that they download a white paper, schedule a one-on-one conversation with one of your sales experts, or take you up on a free trial offer. Turn the opportunity into an actionable pursuit on their end.