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Making the End of the Webinar the Beginning of a Relationship

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

The webinar has much in common with dating sites because after the Internet phase has ended, the relationship can potentially change from anonymous to personal.

When the host signs off after completing the webinar presentation, it doesn’t mean the experience has come to an end. Au contraire. Instead, it’s the start of the next phase, assessing everything that went right or wrong, as well as understanding the audience experience. It’s not quite paralysis by analysis, but it’s as close as you can come and still be able to wiggle your fingers.

You see, at its most basic, the webinar is a way to create and foster relationships. The webcast serves as a great way to continue the discussion after the discussion is in the rearview mirror. Depending on your needs, it can mean anything from finding potential clients and making sales to producing a more effective webcast or creating a series.

Much of this information comes from learning everything you can about your participants without hiring a private investigator or having a friend at the National Security Administration. So how’s it done? It’s about examining the wealth of analytics that come from the registrations and participation process and quickly responding to them or making appropriate changes.

This helps create new relationships that happen after the participant soaks in your presentation.

So to meet a new business associate or find a new customer, consider the following:

  • Study the exit survey: Those questions that you ask your audience after the webinar provide a great indicator of what the audience thought of the presentation. This information can provide a list of names appropriate for you to follow up.

  • Read the polls: They provide a glimpse into participant behavior by expressing their views, understanding, and perspective on the issues.

  • Go over the Q&A with a fine-tooth comb: Feel free to reach out to participants who didn’t get their questions answered, and even follow up with the ones who did.

  • Send a follow-up note: Be sure to include your contact information, an on-demand link to the webinar, and an invitation to pursue more information. For example, you can suggest that they download more information, register for an upcoming webinar, or arrange a phone meeting. After that, the sky’s the limit.