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How to Use E-mail to Promote a Webinar

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Not every computer-savvy you want to see your webinar person uses social media, but just about everyone who uses a computer has an e-mail account. Even Grandma has a Gmail account these days, so it’s obvious that e-mail marketing is an important mechanism for letting people know about your upcoming webinar. It makes perfect sense to send out an e-mail blast.

Sounds simple, right? Maybe, but getting the user to open and read your message is only the first objective. The invitation should include a link or a button that the user clicks to bring them to a registration page. They can read about the webinar and potentially sign up for it. Think about it: It’s a lot easier than screaming at the top of your lungs at the mall.

Just don’t think it’s as easy as flipping through your old Rolodex — er, that old-fashioned wheel of names and addresses. Using e-mail is a bit more sophisticated than sending out missives from a Rolodex or a little black address book.


Delivering your message for an upcoming webinar often requires some marketing or e-mail automation. Instead of using an address book, e-mail automation depends on a database of names that lets you send out invitations to some or all the names in the database.

Here are some reasons why e-mail marketing works:

  • Just about everybody has an e-mail account: Almost everyone has one, so that makes it more accessible than any other form of media, and more timely than sending an invitation through snail mail.

  • It’s highly targeted: You can send e-mails to those likely to be most interested in your message.

  • It’s affordable: While you might have to purchase lists, other costs are negligible.

  • It’s ecologically sound: The e-mail option saves trees because you’re not using paper to print.