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How to Reach Your Webinar Audience with Facebook

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the planet, yet sometimes folks overlook its business potential for things like webinars. It’s easy to see why. It seems everyone from 13 to 93 uses it purely for socializing with friends and family, but that reach of more than a billion users around the world offers a lot of potential.

With recent changes to its algorithm, corporate posts are reaching only 1–2% of a company’s “likes.” To reach your targets on Facebook, you have to sponsor your content — in other words, you have to pay Facebook to show it to people.

When it comes to webinars, Facebook does lag slightly behind Twitter and LinkedIn, (simply because some businesses use them more) but rises in importance depending on who you are and how you do business. For example, if you’re a direct-to-consumer company, you might have a big Facebook presence, as opposed to business-to-business vendors that might prefer LinkedIn.

When you Facebook, consider the following:

  • Share your posts: Post your webinar info and updates often so that potential participants see them.

  • Create a fan page: Although Facebook requires users to approve their friends, when you set up a fan page, anyone who sees it can become a fan on their own just by Liking the page. This puts the page content on their newsfeed, so they’ll be aware of your upcoming webinar. You can boost the amount of likes by paying Facebook to guarantee a specific number of likes.

  • Promote a Facebook Event: Facebook lets you create invitations to events that can reach a public, private, or limited audience. Birthday parties, personal milestones, and oh yeah, your upcoming webinar can all take advantage of the Event feature. The more replies that come for friends that Like your Event, or mention that they’re going, the more aware their friends become of your webinar.

  • Advertise on Facebook: Facebook offers a fee-based plan that allows you to advertise across the social networking site with a charge based on the number of clicks your ad gets. You can set a per-day cap to manage your budget. You can target these ads pretty tightly and see how many participants RSVP through them.