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How to Qualify Webinar Leads for Sales

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Although all men are created equal, all your leads are not. Prospects are the people you want to register for your webinar, but some clearly are more suited for your message than others. By tracking attendee activity and engagement, you can qualify leads.

Unfortunately, many organizations have fallen into the habit of taking all the leads from a webinar and handing them over to the sales department without any pre-qualification.

This leads to sales reps working their way through more dead ends than you have in a fancy gated community. That’s why it’s important to assess each lead with the proper lead scoring. In this case, it refers to assigning leads to a ranking system that prioritizes interest in your topic.

Most of the data you need on the attendees is already at your disposal from registration and their behavior during the webinar.

Intelligent lead scoring techniques allow you to evaluate and score leads based on criteria in two primary areas. By simply prioritizing the stronger leads, you will increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts and the return on investment, or ROI, of your webinars.

These include

  • Basic registration data: From this information, you can quickly establish company size, industry, job title, and revenue, making it easy to qualify whether a prospect is right for you, and whether it makes sense for you to target the registrant further.

  • Behavioral data: The increased level of interactivity in webinars not only serves to engage the audience, but it also provides a wealth of data on the interests of your attendees. This data can be combined to create an engagement score that provides you with the interest level of the prospect. This data can include viewing duration, content downloads, questions asked, poll/survey results, and social media engagement.