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How to Optimize a Webinar Registration and Confirmation Page

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Here’s an alarming statistic: Fewer than half of the people who begin registering for your webinar will complete the registration form. That means marketers are losing more than half their prospective audience members at the point of registration. And what’s driving them away? It’s the registration page itself. This failure to optimize registration (and confirmation) pages is easy to fix after you recognize the problem.

Here are some ways to get your potential attendees to follow through on registration:

  • Avoid lengthy registration forms: Nobody likes filling out lengthy forms, yet some organizations think that it’s a good idea to ask for far more information than they really need. Busy customers take one look at these long forms, decide they will be too time-consuming, and exit the registration process. Don’t make the mistake of scaring off your audience with overly complicated registration forms.

    Just ask for basic demographic information such as company, name, title, industry, revenue, and contact information. This is enough information to determine if the prospect is right for you, but not so much information that prospective attendees will get turned off and quit.

  • Embedding helpful tools: They enable registrants to place your webinar on their existing business calendar increases the likelihood of them attending the live event.

  • Inconsistent creative expectation: The old “bait and switch” has become so commonplace that prospective participants need reassurance. Attendees need visual confirmation that the event for which they are registering is the same event they saw in the promo, but often there is a visual mismatch from promotion to registration.

    Avoid this potential miscommunication by assuring your prospects they are in the right place. Use consistent creative information on every page, including consistent pictures, icons, and logos. Make sure those items are on e-mails, registration pages, and landing pages.

  • Don’t forget about the confirmation page: That’s the page that tells them they’ve successfully registered. Many promoters don’t take advantage of it, but there’s so much you can do with one. Think about it: When you buy something online, e-commerce retailers confirm your purchase, and then offer you other opportunities such as purchasing a similar product.

    But not all webinar producers have caught up with this concept, thereby limiting the growth of their audience and brand. The confirmation page is the perfect place to grow your audience numbers by telling them about your upcoming events.

Try the following to help maximize your present and future webinar attendance:

  • Tell your audience about upcoming events: Provide blurbs and links to upcoming webinars.

  • Have them subscribe to you: If you have a newsletter or other online information, share that with them.

  • Let them download: Here’s an opportunity for them to download white papers and other PDFs about your organization and products.

  • Encourage social sharing: Embed Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn buttons so registrants can tweet or post that they just signed up for your webinar. Doing so promotes your event to a much wider audience. Over time, the additional viewers you capture via social sharing can add up to significant numbers.