How to Make Studio Webinars Work - dummies

How to Make Studio Webinars Work

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Studio scenarios work great for both live and on-demand webinars. While the success of the production depends on careful pre-production preparation and the right studio facility, that doesn’t always guarantee success. You have to look no further than what is on television to see what might work for you. Some shows work well, others not so much.

Take a look at television news programs and the formats that work for them. Some have a news anchor behind a desk, while others offer a slightly more “comfortable” setting. Regardless, the key is to create a real dialog about the issue at hand. This approach requires careful attention to the content but can deliver great results.

Here’s some five ways to make studio webinars work:

  • Ask speakers to provide the talking points they wish to address

  • Frame questions that match your host’s talking points/key messages

  • Have a roundtable discussion in the studio

  • Edit the discussion down to a usable segment length and create an accompanying slide presentation

  • Release the discussion as a simulated live broadcast

The “right” format is simply one that’s easily accessible for your particular webinar’s audience.

  • Anything overly scripted: Not only does it lack spontaneity, but comes off as “canned.”

  • The lecture: Face it, nobody likes being lectured, and when your audience can easily slip out and log onto Netflix, it’s something you should avoid.

  • Contrived sets: Unless you’re watching Pee-wee’s Playhouse, leave the big comfy chairs and fireside chats in the rear view mirror.