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How to Increase the Webinar Audience Participation Rate

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

How many people are you looking to reach with your webinar? Is it ten? A thousand? Your message stays the same regardless of the size of your audience, but it’s always helpful to know how many people are out there taking part in your webinar, and to some degree, to know something about the people logging on.

Before you can count them, you need to get people to log on, so how do you do that? There are many way to promote your webinar, but staying in touch with your potential audience is equally important. You always want repeat participants.

After reaching out and getting potential participants to register, don’t expect them all to show up on the day of your webinar. Industry benchmark data show that approximately 45 percent of registrants actually log in to the webinar.

Although that’s a bit disconcerting, understanding the ratio helps you predict the approximate size of your audience. In addition, their profile information (which you gather when they register) can help you understand their level of knowledge on the topic and qualify them as leads.

Consider the following:

  • Announce early: Get word out about your webinar as early as possible to maximize the number of people that will register.

  • Confirm registration: After they sign up, be sure to send them a confirmation e-mail with updates on the program. Acknowledging them also makes them feel connected to you.

  • Send out reminders: This helps them remember as the dates draws near. The world has gotten busier and sometimes people get distracted and simply forget.

  • Provide practical advice: Suggest that they do a system test in advance to assure that their connection is working properly. Platform providers usually offer such testing capability.

  • Stay in touch: Send reminders before the webinar and follow up afterwards with thank-you notes and feedback requests.