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How to Find Out Where Webinar Attendees Came From

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

You can see the people who registered for the webinar event as well as the specific efforts that led them to you from your campaign tracking analytics. In addition, you can also see whether any of those efforts translated into an unusually high registrant-to-attendee rate.

For example, was it your e-mail marketing campaign that drove them to register in droves, or did most of your traffic come from a web banner? The same applies to areas that were not as productive.

Here are a few areas to look at when it comes to finding what brings an audience to you:

  • E-mail: Determine the effectiveness of your e-mail campaign and how many registrants it brought to you. Because e-mail is a major avenue for promotion, you may want to delve further into the analytics to see where there were differences in results.

  • Repeat attendees: Are you getting repeat offenders at your webinars? If so, it tells you that you’re doing something right.

  • Cross-mentions in another webinar: Sometimes you can include a shout-out to your next webinar in your current presentation. Or maybe you have a regularly scheduled series and provide “coming attraction” announcements about what you plan next. If it has helped, it’s nice to know.

  • Word of mouth: On your registration form, it’s common to ask the registrants how they found out about the webinar. Although you may not know where the referral came from, it’s a positive sign whenever your previous attendees are spreading your message through word of mouth.