How to Create a Webinar Series - dummies

How to Create a Webinar Series

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

When you are thinking of creating a webinar series, think of a television show. If you created a television series, you would make sure there was a consistency throughout each show, from the lead actors to the theme song. It’s the same when you want to produce a regularly scheduled webinar.

To establish consistency, consider the following:

  • Frequency and time slot: It’s effective to build a rhythm into your webinar by having a specific time slot. Make it like appointment TV — you know, TV you make an appointment to watch because you can’t miss it — and hold it on a certain day and time, like maybe every other Thursday at 10a.m.

    The idea is to create a time slot your audience — over time — will get accustomed to so that you can bring their attention to whatever it is that you want to tell them.

  • Program length: Try to maintain a consistent length, so people know how much time they need to attend your webinar. If you plan on having 30 minutes of content, make the duration 45 minutes to have enough time for Q&A and housekeeping.

  • Consistent graphics: The visual part of the presentation should use consistent graphics on the PowerPoint slides, your promotional material, the landing page, and on the webinar console. Make sure that you brand it so people understand that this is a series hosted by the same company. That’s the way to start shaping preferences: by people reacting to your brand.

  • Use the same host: It’s also a good idea to have a consistent host, just so there is one consistent voice that carries across. That voice can bring in different subjects.