How to Create a Webinar Outline - dummies

How to Create a Webinar Outline

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

The roadmap to a successful webinar presentation begins with an idea and grows from there. List a series of topics that work well for a discussion. That provides the framework for your storyboard or outline (they’re basically the same thing and are used interchangeably) as you continue to prioritize each idea.

An outline is basically a list of things you plan to do and say in some order. It acts as a diagram for your script and itinerary, but it takes some time to hone. After some group brainstorming — or pretty serious thought if you’re doing it on your own — you can elaborate the themes and come up with the best strategy to present them.

Here are some tips for writing your outline:

  • Determine the goal for your webinar: Ask yourself what you hope the audience gets out of your webinar. And what do you want to accomplish? Anything contrary to that goal should be nixed.

  • List your ideas: By identifying the main categories of your discussion, you can strategize problems, arguments, and solutions. Afterward, you can put them in linear form (the order in which you are going to present them).

  • Pick your team: It’s not quite the same as picking sides for kickball at recess, but then again, it’s not totally different. After you decide how you want to approach the subject matter, you can determine which speakers will work best for the theme.

  • Consider the proper format: Some webinars works well with a single speaker, whereas others are more suited for multiple voices. If one person can deliver the message, stick with that format. However, if you wish to show variations to the theme, go with several other experts.

  • Supporting slides: What kind of visual aids will work best to get your message across? Remember, the slides act as the appetizer, but they are not the main course. They’re there to support your overall message.