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How to Connect with Potential Webinar Attendees

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

It’s easy to confuse the idea of reaching your potential webinar audience with the act of connecting with them. That’s why it’s important to construct a convincing invitation to your next webinar.

It’s a shame to get recipients to open your e-mail only to find they were confused by your message and trashed it. Or maybe the webinar was suitable for their needs, but they passed anyway because you neglected to convey that.

Whatever the situation, here are a few tips for writing your e-mail invitation:

  • Accurately target the right people: It’s essential to reach the right individuals, so send invitations to those that fit the profile for the webinar, and not everyone on your e-mail list.

  • Have them at hello: If you want a potential registrant to consider signing up, you must grab them with your subject line. Unlike most junk mail in the physical world, an unsolicited e-mail can still grab the attention of the recipient if the subject line is interesting. The subject line must be concise and engaging.

  • Dazzle them: Getting a recipient to open the e-mail is the first step, with the next one being sure that the description of your upcoming webinar appeals to them enough that they will click the registration button.

  • Leave the business-speak for parodies: Your e-mail should have a conversational tone. Pretend you’re talking to a friend and not a business colleague. You’d never use marketing-speak when talking to your neighbor Rob, even if it were about property values. You only have a brief moment to capture the recipient’s attention, so try a friendly approach. It may engage them long enough to sign up.

  • Give them an easy read: Keep the overall e-mail short and resist the desire to bog them down with long paragraphs of text. Instead, use short descriptions and bullet lists to let the reader quickly absorb the message. Stay away from jargon they might not understand.

  • Make it personal: Tell the recipients why this webinar will work for them. That’s a much better technique than bombarding them with talking points. People care less about a detailed topic list and more about how your webinar can benefit them. They’re more apt to sign up if you clearly let them know how it can impact them.

  • Proofread: Read it repeatedly. Mistakes in grammar and layout look amateurish and can dissuade a reader from going further.

  • Stay focused: Have a singular idea and stick with it. Don’t pollute the page with content that doesn’t support the theme; otherwise, it can look like the four-letter word of e-mail marketing: spam.