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How to Build from Your First Webinar

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

After you complete your first webinar — and you take the process and analysis seriously — you’re most likely going to want to make the next one bigger and better. The same holds true if you’ve done a few. You can offer more specific subject matter, or perhaps even start a series.

Whew! You got that first one under your belt, and probably learned a few things you didn’t know until now. Are you taking advantage of the trends? At this point, you still have some tweaking to do to get it just right.


You should probably look at the following five aspects of webinars and see where you can improve your webinar for the next broadcast:

  • Promotion: Are you promoting from two to three different angles, such as the profile of the speaker, the value proposition of the speaker, or value proposition of the topic?

  • Format: Make sure the format works with your topic. If all you need is a single speaker, make sure he is engaging. If you’re a beginner, be careful to avoid complex formats that you’re not ready to handle yet.

  • Ample Q&A: Did everyone get a chance to ask questions? If not, extend the period. Statistics show that Q&A is one of the reasons that participants stay tuned in.

  • Timeframe: Do you have enough content for the timeframe? If not, shorten your presentation so there’s no filler.

  • Good follow-up: Make sure you send a thank-you and an on-demand link to everyone who registered.