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Handling the Big Day: Your Webinar

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Part of Webinars For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The registration phase is over. You’ve sent your reminders, hired your speakers, chosen a webinar service provider, and planned everything to the last detail. When the big day finally arrives, make sure that you’re ready to wow your audience:

  • Go live on time, but start the actual event two minutes late. This gives stragglers a chance to log on.

  • Pay attention to the polls. Be sure to send out a few during the event to get real-time feedback and incorporate the results into your presentation.

  • Allow ample time for Q&A. Although participants want to hear your message, they also want to hear your answer to their questions.

  • Do not go over the 60-minute mark. Something happens when you cross over to the next hour and people tend to drop off.