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Driving Registration for Your Webinar

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Part of Webinars For Dummies Cheat Sheet

What if you gave a webinar and nobody came? That can happen if you don’t promote it. Unless you like yammering into the ether, here are a few tips on getting the word out on your webinar:

  • Send out invitations two weeks in advance. If you send them earlier than that, attendees will forget about your event by the time it arrives. Sending them out later limits attendance.

  • Use a simple form for registration. Otherwise, people will not bother to sign up. Also have a welcoming and user-friendly landing page for registrants.

  • Send reminder e-mails one week before and another on the day of the presentation. Sending a reminder on the day of the event increases attendance by 20 percent.

  • Schedule your webinar in the late morning. That way, your participants won’t have issues with commuting during rush hour or having to watch it over their lunch hour.

  • Have your webinar midweek. Studies show webinars on Tuesdays get the most attendees.