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Basics of the Webinar Academy

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Regardless of your level of webinar prowess, it’s nice to have a place you turn to when you want to hone your skills. It’s even more amazing that you can increase your experience without making the public mistakes that so often accompany learning on the job.

And do you know what makes it even sweeter? The certification that comes with finishing each section. That’s what one unique online service provides for no cost.

The Webinar Academy, covers the entire lifecycle of what it takes to create a successful webinar. It offers the opportunity to learn key practices and tactics on four different tracks: producer, promoter, presenter and video. It’s a robust virtual environment that hosts a dozen different webinars. There’s even a LinkedIn group where you can post questions and have other people respond to them.


The site provides the feel of a virtual space where you can communicate with your peers, ask questions, and view a wealth of resources.

After going through the different tracks and exploring the academy, you can take a test, for certification.


Basics of Webinar Academy’s Producer Pro track

Whether it’s the first, fifth, or twentieth webinar you have produced, there’s something here for you. This track thoroughly explains how to plan and execute a webinar from start to finish.

It includes the following sessions:

  • Planning Your webinar

  • Integrating with Marketing Automation and CRM

  • Creating a Branded Audience Experience

  • Effective Lead Scoring

Basics of Webinar Academy’s Promoter Pro track

Unless you enroll a thousand participants every time you offer a webinar, there’s always something you can learn to bring a few more. This session explains different tactics that can drive registration, increase the attendance ratio of those who register, and effectively promote on-demand viewing.

These sessions include

  • Building an On-Demand Strategy

  • Social Media Integration

  • Creating Compelling Promotions

Basics of Webinar Academy’s Presenter Pro track

The finer points of effectively presenting and hosting a webinar are included in these sessions. Learn how to design presentations and interact with an audience during live and on-demand webinars.

These include

  • Delivering Interactive webinars

  • Creating webinar Content

  • Using Video in webinars

Basics of Webinar Academy’s Video track

Video can truly bring your webinars to life. The Video Pro track at the Webinar Academy can show you how to make the most of your webinar video.

The twenty-five minute sessions available include

  • Introduction to Video webcasting

  • Best Practices for Using webcams

  • Take the Complexity out of Studio Video

  • Best Practices for Streaming Video