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4 Types of Webinar Audiences

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Participants come to your webinar in all shapes and sizes, but with the same goal: to get something valuable out of that 60 minutes spent sitting in front of their computer screen. Webinar content/attendees/objectives are all based on meeting audience needs. To understand their importance as your audience, it’s helpful understanding their role in coming each time.

Here are a few audience types to consider:

  • Customers: The webinar producer plans content around existing customers (for example, a user conference).

  • Prospects: Arguably the number one type of webinar because most webinars are hosted by marketers and are designed for lead generation.

  • Employees: Sometimes they’re part of your company or organization, whereas other times, they work for someone else. It’s all good because employees make up a large segment of the webinar viewing audience. Whether it’s learning about the company’s new health plan, understanding the newest features of the latest version of SAP, or training on new procedures, it’s essential to give them what they need.


  • Learners: Word of mouth applies to learners too. Give them a great experience, and they will often return and tell their friends. Give them what they need to know. For trainees, it’s important to provide something they need to learn or can get certified in.

    The key thing is content and relevancy of content. If someone wants to get certified in some particular software, and you’re offering a webinar about something else, that person probably won’t be interested. It’s about making sure your content is relevant to your audience.