Perfecting the Delivery of Your Presentation or Speech - dummies

Perfecting the Delivery of Your Presentation or Speech

By Malcolm Kushner

Part of Public Speaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

What use is perfect preparation without a dynamic delivery? Print out and pin up these top tips to help keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation from beginning to end.

  1. Try to establish eye contact with your entire audience.

  2. Vary the rate, pitch and volume of your voice, as well as its tone.

  3. Avoid fidgeting with your hands. But, at the same time, use your hands to gesture instead of keeping them clasped in front of you.

  4. Look at the audience more than your notes (and if you don’t feel comfortable looking at your audience, you need to practise your presentation a few more times until you do).

  5. Avoid showing your nervousness through tics such as pacing back and forth, jingling change in your pocket, or playing with your hair.

  6. Stand behind a podium if it makes you feel more comfortable.

  7. Convey enthusiasm for your subject – it’s contagious.