Managing Stage Fright when Presenting Your Speech - dummies

Managing Stage Fright when Presenting Your Speech

By Malcolm Kushner

Part of Public Speaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Everyone suffers with nerves at some point in their lives – especially when taking the stage to deliver a speech. Try to conquer your jitters by reading through these useful tips to ensure you keep your stage fright at bay

  1. Avoid alcohol and pills – they don’t work. If they wear off before you speak, you’ll be even more nervous. If they don’t, you’ll be numbed and unable to project any human emotion or confidence.

  2. Channel nervous tension into your performance.

  3. Work off nervous energy by taking slow, deep breaths.

  4. Leave time to go to the toilet shortly before you speak.

  5. Prepare some positive affirmations to repeat to yourself to boost your confidence.

  6. Remember that the audience wants you to succeed.

  7. Smile and look as if you’re enjoying yourself – looking positive is half the battle in winning over an audience.