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When to Use Innovative Presentations

By Ray Anthony, Barbara Boyd

Practically all presenters and audiences benefit from some degree of innovation in presentations because the speakers achieve superior results and the audiences better understand and buy into what the presenter is advocating.

And, who wouldn’t appreciate attending interesting, relevant, enjoyable, and entertaining talks at work? Innovative presentations, desirable for all types of business and technical talks and speeches, should go all-out and have their greatest returns on the following:

  • TED talks: Speakers at these events are always encouraged to give insightful, unique, and captivating presentations with fresh originality and panache.

  • Motivational speeches: Professional speakers or aspiring ones use ingenious props, weave creative tales, show riveting videos, use magic, and often devise emotional approaches to the needs and drives of the audience to entertain, amuse, and inspire. There is no limit to the imaginative, but always professional ways, you can perform.

  • Training sessions: Sessions that last for days can get tiring and boring unless the trainer uses all kinds of engaging and stimulating games, exercises, and challenges along with props and killer presentation visuals to keep the group alert, focused, and participating.

  • Trade shows: The sky’s the limit here for innovative presentations. Trade show professionals are always looking for something radically new and entertaining to draw crowds to their area and to make their presentations produce solid orders.

  • Public seminars and workshops: If you’re an independent trainer, consultant, or author, you can have free rein with innovations to become more well-known by using the latest technology and creativity to present in immensely better and more striking ways compared to other seminar leaders.

  • Professional and industry association speeches and presentations: Beat the PowerPoint crowd of other speakers with your stunning presentation that people will rave about long afterwards.

  • Sales conferences: Salespeople who attend these off-site meetings love and expect dynamic presentations from the speakers — the more creative, the better. You can serve as a role model and use your innovative presentation to show ideas and techniques they can use with their prospects.

  • Conventions: Attendees don’t just want to discover new things at these events, they crave entertaining and novel presentations that give them new outlooks on a topic.

  • Videos: Like most presentations, most videos are dry and dull. Creative ideas to use purposeful special effects, graphic designs, and interesting stories make your video stand out from others and just may cause it to go viral.

  • Award ceremonies: If you’re the host or a presenter at an awards show (live or taped), you can show amusing photos and customized cartoons and use imaginative humor to both honor the nominees and entertain the audience.

  • Product and service demonstrations: There is great opportunity here to make your demonstrations more theatrical, entertaining, and sharply relevant. You can use props, get attendees involved, add curiosity and suspense and use other over-the-top imaginative ways to dramatically show the superior capabilities of your product or service.

  • Teachers, lecturers, professors: Who doesn’t appreciate a teacher who makes her subject come alive with video, props, displays, dioramas, eye-opening examples, stories, and metaphors?

  • Film producers: Screenwriters and directors can create stunning, brief excerpts of innovative presentations to hold viewers spellbound.

  • Elevator pitches: Imagine using an iPad or other tablet combined with all sorts of creative approaches to give an impromptu brief but exciting presentation that generates a lot of initial interest?

  • Political speeches: Politicians can communicate concepts and proposed solutions to problems and use technology, 3-D rendering software, augmented reality, props, metaphors, and models to make their visions come alive with compelling and rich realism.

  • Actors, entertainers, comedians: If these talented people want to become part-time professional speakers while earning lots of extra money and having fun, learning the tricks of combining creative ideas with the latest technology can put them at the front of the pack.