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How to Take Your Innovative Presentation Online

By Ray Anthony, Barbara Boyd

With increased travel costs and clashing schedules, you may have trouble reaching the innovative presentation site or find that a key player in the decision-making process can’t attend. Alternatively, you may want to distribute a recording of your presentation and reach a nationwide or international audience in different time zones. A simple solution exists for each of these scenarios: videoconferencing, webinars, and presentation-sharing websites.

The service providers listed offer both videoconferencing and webinar services.

Basics of Cisco webEx for innovative presentations

Cisco webEx is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry, and browser enabled (Free for attendees; purchase a host account to create a meeting.)

webEx offers complete meeting services. You can schedule a meeting or create one on the go. Participants share a virtual whiteboard, can make live annotations on shared documents, and zoom visuals to get up close to details, as well as share the screens on their computers or devices. High definition in 720-pixel resolution is supported, making for crisp viewing.

Participants can choose to focus on the presenter or the presentation and see all video participants in a carousel at the bottom of the screen. While in the meeting, you can start an instant chat with one participant or everyone. webEx also offers training and webinar services.

How to utilize GoToMeeting for innovative presentations

Go To Meeting is offered for iOS, Android, and browser enabled (Free for attendees; purchase a host account to create a meeting — one month free trial.)

Conduct meetings and webinars with up to six active video feeds, which means that in meeting mode, six of the participants can be seen at a time and in webinar mode, up to six presenters can participate from remote locations.

You can have up to 1,000 attendees, which makes it a great tool for training. Meetings may be recorded and screens and documents can be shared, making for truly collaborative efforts.

How to use ClickMeeting for innovative presentations

ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar are iOS, Android, Blackberry, and browser enabled (Free for attendees; purchase a host account to create a meeting — one month free trial.)

ClickMeeting makes videoconferences and webinars affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Five different levels of service provide a solution for most videoconference and webinar needs. You can record your meeting or webinar and administer surveys or tests, making ClickMeeting a good training tool as well. The ClickMeeting Learning Center on their website stores many articles and tips for preparing and conducting your meetings.

MightyMeeting basics for innovative presentations

MightyMeetings is iOS and Android enabled. (Free for attendees, various price levels for hosting after a free 14-day trial.)

The benefit of MightyMeeting is that it works for both in-person and remote participants in your meeting. It’s quick to set up and easy to use.

First, you want to upload your presentation to MightyMeeting, by either saving it as a PDF and e-mailing it to yourself, then opening the PDF in MightyMeeting or accessing your PowerPoint files, images, or PDFs from Box, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive. Let your participants know the assigned Room ID so they can join your meeting from their devices by entering the Room ID in the appropriate field in the app.

You can also send invitations via e-mail from the MightyMeeting app, which provides a URL that gives invitees access to your meeting from a web browser.

If you use MightyMeeting with remote participants, it’s a good idea to simultaneously conduct a conference call so you can have a conversation while everyone is looking at your presentation. All participants can add documents to the meeting from their devices as well as mark up the document being displayed.

A blank whiteboard page is added to the end of each PDF file so you can add notes and you can also open a Sketchbook page to create a new document within MightyMeeting.