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How to Develop Good Networking Habits

You can develop certain habits that make business networking easy, efficient, and natural. With the right habits, you won’t have to think about networking — you’ll just do it. The basis of networking is the little things that you do on a consistent basis that contribute to your awareness of people and your connections with people.

Here are some great networking habits:

  • Say thank you. Say thanks throughout your day. In every conversation, think of something positive, supportive, and appreciative to say. Make sure that you are giving and receiving positive feedback in your life on a daily basis.

  • Encourage and congratulate. You have the opportunity to be an empowering influence on the people around you. Tell people how they have contributed to your life. Celebrate and acknowledge the successes and the accomplishments of others. Be sincere — folks can spot a phony right away.

  • Introduce yourself to people whom you don’t know. What if you made a point to introduce yourself to people you don’t already know at every event that you attended? Even if it were just one person per event, you would expand your network and improve your likelihood of having influential connections.

Be vigilant against falling into unproductive habits. Some unproductive habits to be aware of include

  • Putting off phone calls

  • Postponing responses to invitations

  • Letting business cards stack up on your desk, in your briefcase, or in your pockets

  • Leaving your business cards in your briefcase, which is in the car or at the office

  • Going to an event and hooking up with people who you already know and staying with them the whole time