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Why the Agile Philosophy Is Perfect for Pop Ups

By Dan Thompson

The agile philosophy is perfect for pop ups because the simple idea behind the agile philosophy is that it’s more important to get something up and running so that you can test and refine it with real people using it instead of planning it to the finest detail before launching it.

If you plan for too long, you may be too late, you may be making something nobody actually wants or you may find that your competitors have got there first.

The Agile Methodology started in software development, where it was used to describe a process that changed and adapted as software was built.

The agile philosophy is a style of working that you can apply to all sorts of disciplines. It’s especially good for creating pop ups because pop ups are often planned and delivered in a short time and need a degree of flexibility.

Being agile also means that you can provide a service that feels much more tailored to your customers so they feel more valued.

The agile methodology is nothing clever, by the way. Every cafe is agile, serving the type of cake its customers want and brewing the blend of coffee that most of its customers want to drink!

To be agile:

  • Aim to be up and running as early as possible.

  • Welcome change.

  • Get your team to work together daily throughout the project.

  • Build projects around motivated individuals.

  • Trust people to get the job done.

  • Measure progress in actions, not words.

  • Reflect on how to be better, and tune and adjust regularly.

An agile approach is perfect for pop ups because:

  • You may need to grasp an opportunity quickly – for example, if a good location becomes available at short notice.

  • You may have to change your plans without much warning – for example, if a long-term tenant rents a shop you were considering.

  • You may have to add new products – for example, if supply of one you were planning to stock dries up.

Remember, though, that agile is still a form of business planning, and isn’t an excuse for not planning! As the old business cliché has it, if you don’t plan, you plan to fail.