Capture Your Pop Up Customers' Information - dummies

Capture Your Pop Up Customers’ Information

By Dan Thompson

Your pop up may be a chance to catch up with valued and trusted customers, or it may be about building a longer, deeper and more meaningful relationship between them and your brand. Find as many ways as possible to capture useful information from your customers when they visit your pop up:

  • Ask them to leave their email address so that you can add them to your own mailing list. You can use a form on the counter, postcards dropped around the shop or a working computer in the store.

  • Use a visitors’ book to capture both email addresses and comments from visitors. Ideally, place the book near the door so that it’s visible as customers leave. A visitors’ book is particularly appropriate for art galleries and other creative pop ups.

  • Be inspired and get interactive. A big board, sticky notes and a pen provide a far more visually exciting way to encourage feedback.

  • Offer as many opportunities to interact on social media as possible. Use signs linking to Facebook groups and show relevant hashtags throughout your pop up.

Consider how you can offer visitors an incentive to give you their details. You can enter them into a prize draw, offer a discount or give some other perk for volunteering their information.

In the UK, the data you collect may be covered by the Data Protection Act. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission regulates how businesses collect, use and secure their customers’ personal information. Make sure that you comply with relevant laws when you collect and share customer data.