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Sales Prospecting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To succeed in sales prospecting, realize that everyone you come in contact with is a possible sales prospect or can connect you to a potential client; and that you’re going to hear the word no. Careful choice of wording can lead a sales prospect to a positive image of something they normally consider boring and commonplace.

People to Help You Find Sales Prospects

When looking for sales prospects, you don’t need to limit your search to just the people you know. Find sales prospects in the people who know your people. Friends, family, clients, and everyday contacts can help connect you with someone they know — and your list of prospects will grow quickly. Remember, there’s opportunity everywhere, even in casual everyday conversation, for finding potential prospects.

Here are people who can help you. Start with the people you’re most comfortable with and work your way down the list:

  • Family members

  • Coworkers

  • Spouse’s coworkers

  • Children’s friend’s parents

  • Church members

  • Club members

  • Neighbors

  • Anyone you are a customer of

  • Your local librarian

  • The Internet

  • Anyone you come within 3 feet of

  • Anyone you can help!

Remember to involve as many senses as possible in every client contact. The more you involve a client’s senses, the more involved the client will remain.

Your Sales Prospecting Mindset

Reinforce your sales prospecting mindset with a few tips, starting with this: Remember that everyone you meet is a potential sales prospect and you have the key to success: You look at people differently, the needs they may have, and how you’re able to help them.

Also consider this advice:

  • Learn to love the word “No.”

    If you earn $100 for each closed transaction and it takes five contacts to make a sale, you really earn $20 for each contact. Every time you hear the word “No,” you should say to yourself, “Thanks for the $20!”

  • Adopt the S.T.P. formula for prospecting.

    Make a daily commitment to See Twenty People every day and watch how your business grows!

Turn Fixed Features into Emotional Benefits for Sales Prospects

Create an emotional tie-in to link the sales prospect with your product. Build a mental image (stirring your sales prospect’s emotions) that shows how the product can benefit his or her life. Carefully chosen words and phrases can turn everyday product features into life-changing benefits. The chart shows a few examples of how that technique works.

Benefit How You Tout Benefit
Cheaper “A more economical value for your money.”
Green “A relaxing shade of color that will blend nicely with the
rest of your furniture.”
Faster “Will give you more free time.”
Better quality copies “Enhance your professional image.”
More miles per gallon “Generates income back to you with real savings in reduced
fuel consumption.”
Security “Sleep better with true peace of mind.”
Swimming pool ”Think of the fun memories you’ll build with your
family enjoying the cool waters together.”
Barbecue grill “Can’t you just smell the steaks sizzling as you
enjoy a relaxing dinner in the great outdoors?”